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Authors, Screenwriters and Playwrights:
To Use Your Book or Script As Your Hook, You Must Master 3 Things:

You Must Have…

A Fantastic Book or Script • An Outstanding Look • An Amazing Hook

Your Book Is Your Hook! is a full service consulting practice serving book writers, screenwriters, playwrights and wannabes as well as the entire publishing industry. Services include 1:1 consulting for writing, marketing, getting published, speaker/thought leader platform set-up, and taking creative ideas to Hollywood film and television and Broadway theater. Consulting offered in the areas of literary agent matchmaking, ghostwriting, collaborative editing, book idea/concept organization/structure, query letter formulation, book proposal packaging, manuscript assessments, book proposal and synopsis assessments, film/television/theater proposal and treatment assessments, industry standard speaking proposal creation, and much more.

Not sure about the quality of your writing? Do you fear it is not good enough, have a relentless inner critic that needs to be tamed, procrastinate and put off your writing sessions, or need to release the “perfectionist” inside you so you finally send out your projects to others?

Perhaps you feel alone and unsupported as a writer alone in your own journey to make it happen for you and your projects?

As the Writer’s Spirit Guide™, Jennifer can help you harness your creativity and leap into the life you imagine as a writer, screenwriter, scriptwriter, and/or playwright.


Discover how to create your best writing experiences for yourself. Join Jennifer on Thursday evenings in The Make It Happen Room For Writers Only where you will first learn to pitch and practice talking about your project to someone else. Then you will work on it for 2+ hours with more joy, support, and freedom within our highly productive community alongside other writers in this safe space curated by Jennifer.

Struggling to get your writing project done? Tired of writing alone – all by yourself? Craving a place where you can connect with other writers who are getting their projects done? Book a session in The Make It Happen Room FOR WRITERS ONLY where you will enjoy a high impact experience dedicated to helping you get RESULTS in your business, in your writing, for your projects and whatever you need to get done to make things happen so you can realize your highest potential.

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