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Office Hours

Remember when you were in school and the professor offered

“Office Hours”

— a time when you could meet with the professional 1:1 outside the classroom to chat about your own journey, process, questions and projects?

If you’re looking for direction, feedback and real insights from an industry professional in a 1:1 conversation, then make an OFFICE HOURS appointment with me to help you ELEVATE YOUR WRITING to its highest and best form.


Get the professional guidance, input and insights you are seeking to help you craft and draft an amazing manuscript, screenplay or script you are ready and proud to present to the industry.

Get support to stay positive and focused so you can enjoy your writing experience and confirm you’re on the right track.

Meet with a professional.

Get the information you need right now
for where you are with your project.

Have more fun
writing and producing your project!


Office Hours are offered by appointment only in 30 or 60 minute sessions.

To apply, click here to fill out a consultation application and include at the end that you want to schedule an Office Hours appointment.

you said tomorrow

Just do it!

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