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“My writing partner and I wrote and published a book, a satirical novel, called “Weeping Willow: Welcome to River Bend”. We then spent thousands of dollars over several months hiring marketing and PR consultants to help us market and get press. Their coaching was, for the most part, generic, with the charming caveat that “fiction is hard.” In one casual half-hour conversation, after asking a couple of simple but pointed questions, Jennifer Wilkov gleaned more about our book and its potential and gave us more specific and useful advice than we received in all those months for all that money. She was able to show us where we had gone a bit astray in our presentation, pinpoint our peculiar demographic, give us very specific ideas on how to exploit that demographic and assure us that fiction was, in fact, easy. She’s very good at this.”
“Jennifer helped me put together a winning marketing strategy. She helped me reach an audience I otherwise would have completely missed. She has great ideas and intuitiveness, and her writing skills are amazing. I highly recommend her for all of your writing and promotional needs.”
Michael Peak
Owner, Peak Motion Pictures
“I had written a book and knew I had a fantastic product. I also knew if I didn’t get the right marketing strategy, nobody was going to know about it. Jennifer held my hand and directed me to do a business plan. My thought: I have done them before, no big deal. Then, she started perfecting the answers. Then, I thought having a well written plan is great, but is it really necessary, like anyone is going to read it?

After the plan was complete, the pieces started to come together OR should I say ‘cut and pasted’ together. When I market my book now, everything I need is within the business plan—and all I do is cut and paste! I have been marketing my book, and have gotten MANY positive responses. Jennifer is there for every one of them helping with ‘NOW WHAT DO I DO?’ She truly is a wizard at marketing. If you have the opportunity to work with Jennifer, I would jump at the opportunity again.”
Author of How to Make Boxes of Cash with Self-Storage Auctions
“Writing my book has been absolute pure joy and an effortless thing for me to do. It has brought a smile to my face that I have not seen in a long time. It gives me such excitement. I am so blessed and look forward to what comes next. Your assistance and generosity have now PROPELLED me into the writing world! I am so very thankful and blessed. Even through the short moments we had a chance to speak in person, the Law of Attraction so worked in my life, through you! You are truly an Angel in my life! Thank you for your inspiration. Being around you, in your presence is sheer delight!”
Author of Just 15 Minutes a Day: Change Your Life
“It is rare that I see someone who typifies excellence and mastery of her field as I found in Jennifer. When I first visited with her in New York, she made me feel immediately comfortable and valuable as a person and a client. She outlined the program for the success of my new book and has helped me complete many of those goals. The most impressive characteristic about Jennifer, and one that I want reflected in this letter, is her ability to be totally involved and caring when she works with a client. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to take the next step of success in their career.”
“I have to say that I feel blessed beyond words to have been introduced to Jennifer. When a mutual friend heard that I wanted to publish a book, she emphatically said, “You have to meet Jennifer. She will take your project to levels 10x higher than you can imagine and 10x faster.” She was right. Jennifer is full of information, guidance and skill. She works with you on so many different levels including identifying what is holding you back from reaching your goals and is able to laser right to all of your issues within minutes. She then gives you simple and manageable tools to break through those hurdles empowering you to achieve goals you wouldn’t have even planned on. Within a week of working with her, I was already in touch with someone at Oprah.

Jennifer knows exactly where you need to go and how to get you there. She makes you feel like you can move mountains, then she shows you how, and helps make it happen. When you have someone as wonderful as Jennifer on your team, anything is possible. I know that this is just the beginning of a long and lasting relationship.”
“Writing a book is tough enough, now try to market it. Creator of Jennifer Wilkov takes the fear and anxiety out of writing and marketing. No matter what stage you are in with your career, Jennifer has the knowledge and ability to take you to the next level and beyond.”
CEO & Publisher of Suspense Magazine
“Dear Jennifer, Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate all your work and how useful it was for me. Writing a query letter is much more of an art than I ever expected it to be and I couldn’t have done it without your help. For anyone thinking of utilizing your services, I would highly recommend it. Thanks again.”
7-author including Heartless which was adapted for film
“Jennifer is a true mastermind of the book world and life. I knew nothing about social media or the book world and, after 5 years of writing, I was only halfway through my book. She creates a program that is individualized for your needs and book to give you the best opportunity for success. Since following her advice, I have finished my book, written several articles, gotten published with a 4-figure advance with the book proposal we completed, and my business has grown exponentially–and so have my profits. I recommend if you want success with your book and/or business you should hire Jennifer S. Wilkov, by far the best Book & Business Consultant, Speaker and Literary Agent Matchmaker™ you will ever work with.”
Psychotherapist, Internationally Acclaimed Artist and Writer, author of Parenting Children with Diabetes: A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Issues
“Jennifer brought total joy and fun to a potentially pain-filled process. I’m a very successful author, speaker, trainer and coach. And, I’ve written fabulous content for client websites, some just for fun. Yet, writing my own web content had become a very dark cloud over my usual sunny days. Working with you gave me back the pleasure of the experience. Here are some of the reasons I am extremely grateful to you and look forward to working to many future collaborations:

  • 1. As my client, someone who has experienced the uniqueness of my work and the undeniable results, you were able to write first-hand with complete clarity and confidence, expressing the benefits and the value in a way that I never could.
  • 2. As a friend, you gently pulled the facts and thoughts from me, eliminating my struggle to find the right words.
  • 3. As a gifted writer, you were able to rework and edit existing content rather than unnecessarily starting from the very beginning.
  • 4. As an amazing human being, you brought total joy and fun to a potentially pain-filled process.
  • 5. As a true professional, you got the job done when and as promised.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Today writers need to be fully prepared BEFORE they enter the competitive literary marketplace. Providing developmental coaching for their projects and detailed attention to marketing their work, Your Book Is Your Hook services really maximize the chances for their success.”
Literary Agent at Sarah Jane Freymann
Agency Agent Provocateur of Making the Perfect Pitch: How to Catch a Literary Agent’s Eye
“Your Book Is Your Hook provides writers with the marketable tools to help their writing stand out to those of us looking for content. Through Jennifer’s vast knowledge of the publishing world, writers learn what it takes to have a unique voice in the literary marketplace – the most invaluable asset to any author.”
CEO of Vast Entertainment, Multi Award-Winning Hollywood Producer, Emmy Award-Winning Director, and Showrunner and author of Sell Your Story in A Single Sentence: Advice from the Front Lines of Hollywood
“I want to thank you for leading me through a process that I could have never accomplished on my own. I started out knowing only one thing, literally, and that was that I had written a book. Before I met you I had all but given up on ever getting the book published. I know several prospective authors who have tried to get through the process on their own and have received nothing but a large pile of rejection letters, if they had heard anything back at all. As a result I didn’t even know where to begin. Publication was merely a pipe dream.

Jennifer, your guidance and advice has been priceless to me. As a first time author I had no idea what an art form and how much work establishing a proper query letter and book proposal requires. You have educated and encouraged me throughout the entire process and as we are on the verge of submitting the manuscript for Understanding the Almighty to the proper literary agents I actually understand the process, and know achieving the rest of my lifelong dream is at the doorstep. To top it all off, after having gone through the editing of the first several chapters along with all of the additional skills required to compose the proposal my writing has improved by leaps and bounds.

I am writing this to encourage you and let you know how important your work is to me and others like me. You do not just help authors get published. You make dreams come true!”
Christian Book Author of Understanding the Almighty

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