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How to Write a Winning Query Letter That Gets Manuscript Requests

Working on your query letter?

Not sure where to start?

Are you hesitating to submit it because you’re just not sure it’s right?

Or maybe you’re already getting rejected after submitting it to a few literary agents.

You know you want to get a literary agent or publisher interested instead of just succumbing to self-publishing.

If you are submitting a fiction, nonfiction book or book for children, you’re going to need a query letter to reach the agents you want to represent you or the publishers you want to publish and distribute it, so you won’t have to.

If you’re struggling with yours, learn the inside secrets you need to know for how to catch a literary agent’s eye with your query in this 90-minute clinic to review each section you’re writing, understand how to craft them for your category, genre and story, and ask your specific questions during the live Q&A at the end of each session.

How to Write a Winning Query Letter
That Gets Manuscript Requests

In 60 minutes, you'll learn:

Stop copying other people’s query letters that aren’t written for books like yours.

Start writing and completing the query that’s right for your book that you can submit with confidence and pride.

About Me

Who I Am & Why I Offer This Clinic

With nearly 20 years in publishing, I am a multi #1 international, best-selling, award-winning author; an award-winning freelance writer, a professional developmental editor (EFA), and a sought-after book and business consultant. As The Literary Agent Matchmaker(TM), I know what it takes to present a winning query that sells your story so you can catch a literary agent’s eye with it.

I support first-time writers and seasoned authors with the essentials for writing a bestseller: a great project, a strong platform and a well-polished pitch, presentation and hook for their book or project. I provide guidance for the writing, editing, getting published/produced and marketing of their book ideas and projects as well as the building of their platform to raise their visibility to readers/viewers, Hollywood, and the media.

I have spoken and taught at major industry events including the Writers Guild of America East, New York Women In Film & Television, Chelsea Film Festival, Writers Digest Annual Conference, Writers Digest Novel Writing Conference, Thrillerfest, RT Booklovers Convention, Book Expo America, New York Center for Independent Publishing, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, NYC Screenwriters, Writers For New Orleans Writers Conference with Heather Graham, and others.

Jennifer S. Wilkov

Here's what my clients have accomplished with the query letters we’ve completed and what the industry says about me:

“The most valuable parts of Jennifer’s services were the one-on-one consultations and the structure she provided. The most important result I accomplished from working with Jennifer was that she got the job done and I can now move my book project forward. Jennifer takes the mystery out of publishing.”
Ken Caillat
Author of Making Rumours (Wiley; April 16, 2012) and Grammy Award-Winning Co-Producer of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Tusk, Mirage and Live albums, music by Colbie Caillat and others
“Dear Jennifer, Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate all your work and how useful it was for me. Writing a query letter is much more of an art than I ever expected it to be and I couldn’t have done it without your help. For anyone thinking of utilizing your services, I would highly recommend it. Thanks again.”
Danny Falcone
7-time author including Heartless that was adapted for film
“Jennifer is a true mastermind of the book world and life. I knew nothing about social media or the book world and, after 5 years of writing, I was only halfway through my book. She creates a program that is individualized for your needs and book to give you the best opportunity for success. Since following her advice, I have finished my book, written several articles, gotten published with a 4-figure advance with the query letter and book proposal we completed, and my business has grown exponentially--and so have my profits. I recommend if you want success with your book and/or business you should hire Jennifer S. Wilkov, by far the best Book & Business Consultant, Speaker and Literary Agent Matchmaker™ you will ever work with.”
Eliot LeBow
LCSW - Psychotherapist, Internationally Acclaimed Artist and Writer, author of Parenting Children with Diabetes: A Guide to Understanding and Managing the Issues
“Jennifer will get you where you want to be with professionalism, clarity, and support. She helped me with my query letter and book proposal helped me land an agent and a book deal with Blackstone Publishing for my memoir.”
Jen Ruiz
Founder, Jen On a Jet Plane, 5-time Amazon Bestseller, 2-time Readers' Favorite Award Winner, and 3x TEDx speaker, author of her upcoming memoir 12 Trips in 12 Months
"Today writers need to be fully prepared BEFORE they enter the competitive literary marketplace. Providing developmental coaching for their projects and detailed attention to marketing their work, Your Book Is Your Hook services really maximize the chances for their success."
Katharine Sands
Founder, Jen On a Jet Plane, 5-time Amazon Bestseller, 2-time Readers' Favorite Award Winner, and 3x TEDx speaker, author of her upcoming memoir 12 Trips in 12 Months
"Writing a book is tough enough, now try to market it. Creator of Jennifer Wilkov takes the fear and anxiety out of writing and marketing. No matter what stage you are in with your career, Jennifer has the knowledge and ability to take you to the next level and beyond."
John Raab
CEO & Publisher of Suspense Magazine
“Your Book Is Your Hook provides writers with the marketable tools to help their writing stand out to those of us looking for content. Through Jennifer’s vast knowledge of the publishing world, writers learn what it takes to have a unique voice in the literary marketplace - the most invaluable asset to any author.”
Lane Shefter Bishop
CEO of Vast Entertainment, Multi Award-Winning Hollywood Producer, Emmy Award-Winning Director, and Showrunner and author of Sell Your Story in A Single Sentence: Advice from the Front Lines of Hollywood

This clinic is not for everyone! It’s not for you...

Now it’s your turn to complete your query letter with confidence so you can submit it to secure agent representation for your project or publication with a publisher.

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